The Value of Homespun

With Mr. Trump’s current focus of rewarding billionaires and millionaires I wonder if it might not be prudent to take wisdom from the actions of Mahatma Ghandi. Ghandi was an unfaltering advocate for the poor, undertaking a number of hunger strikes to protest the oppression of the poor. In order to insure India’s economic independence from the Colonial policies of England he participated in and encouraged others to participate in an ascetic lifestyle. The most popular images of him are in a loincloth and a shawl. As part of his struggle to gain economic independence for India he advocated the manufacture of homespun cloth. He did this as an alternative to expensive imported textiles, effectively creating a boycott on items he felt disadvantaged India’s poor.

We are entering a new era of imperialism, one not unlike that of England in the beginnings of the 20th century. I fear if we are not careful we will see that a larger and larger percentage of our wages will end up in the hands of the wealthy imperialists in our country. That is why I advocate for keeping more of those wages for ourselves. To do this we must recognize the power we have to drive the economy. We must give ourselves a raise by buying local.  We must cut our costs by spending less, buying usedsaving half of what we make and growing our own food. The rising use of pesticides in the production of our food as an impact on our health. Growing our own food gives us the control over our health and it is neither expensive or time consuming. It also decreases our reliance on Big Pharma.

It will take time and commitment to change our world and with food and housing taking up more and more of our income we find that we have less time to engage in those things we love. The beauty of living on less is that we end up having more time for those things we love. We all suffered in the recession of 2008. Looking at the make up of the current administration it is very possible that the recession can happen again. Let’s prepare for that eventuality by following Ghandi’s lead and becoming more self sufficient. Let’s create our own homespun.

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