Snake Oil Salesman Unite

The Medicine Show in Washington has begun. Snake Oil Salesman of any ilk will be coming out of the woodworks. That means that they will be vying for our hard earned dollars. What does that mean for us? If we look at who’s on the Trump transition team we can take steps to keep that hard earned cash to ourselves. Ron Nicol is director of agency action. His focus has been telecommunications and airlines. Keith Kellogg who is in charge of defense has worked for a variety of defense and homeland security contractors. Cindy Hayden, Jim Carafano and Ronald Burgess are responsible for national security. Combined these individuals have expertise in the areas of tobacco, defense and national security in a social media age. David Malpass assisting with economic issues was an economist at Bear Stearns which failed in the 2008 market crash. Myron Ebell, Mike McKenna and Steve Hart. Combined these three represent climate change skeptics, Dow Chemical and Koch Industries lobbyists and de-regulation.

What this tells me is that in years ahead the following industries should benefit greatly by de-regulation and tax incentives: telecommunications, airlines, defense, military and police contractors, tobacco, internet security, spyware, investment banking, oil & gas and food production. That de-regulation will mean higher costs to us and the environment. The easiest way to defend against higher costs in these areas is to reduce our dependence on these industries. Again, I advocate getting involved in your local economy and eat organic. Talk to your neighbors, visit local businesses, stay away from national chains, support the people who live and work in your community. If we do this then they will support us as well.


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