Stop Trump

You want to do something to prevent Trump from taking office or rolling back all the progress Obama has made? Then you have to do your research. Find out what political process, civil means including disobedience and class actions that will allow that to happen and organize.

As of today we have not elected a president. We have elected an electoral college. On December 19 they will elect a president. And they can elect who they choose. One elector has already chosen not to vote for Trump. We must convince them to elect someone other than Trump. You can find more about faithless electors, Robert Satiacum, Bret Chiafalo, Baoky Vu and Chris Suprun, in this Time article. Here is a list of the presidential electors for 2016 by state. They are the ones who will elect the president. We must convince them we don’t want Trump.

In the event that doesn’t work then we can attack Trump on other fronts. We can help those Trump has sexually assaulted file a class action suit against him like Zalkin Law Firm in California did against Baylor University.

We need to support those who uphold our values. We can do that by writing our congress people and by making sure that every cent we spend goes only to those who support those values. We can do that by supporting each other and by taking care of ourselves, by eating healthy food, boosting our nutrition and growing our own food, it’s easy it’s cheap and it’s super nutritious. We’ll need it for the fight. We can do it by buying used because most of the money we spend stays in your community with the people who support what we believe in.

You remember what it was like in 2008.  The recession can happen again? But we can prevent it. We do that by identifying every business that supports Trump and the uber rich, then boycotting those businesses. Do your homework. Find a way. Let me know what I can do to help. We can stop this from happening but we’re going to have to work together to get it done.

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