Change Our World

In the light of the recent election there are many people who are dissatisfied with the result. The good news is we can change our world. We do that by supporting those who have the same beliefs that we have. We do that spiritually, emotionally, physically and financially. The energy we give to our causes, causes them to grow. If we engage every minute of our day with thoughtfulness and mindfulness then those things we hold dear will grow. Here are a number of ways that we can support our community. When we spend our money we are giving our energy to a bigger community. We choose that community by deciding where to spend. We need to be aware of where that money goes. Read the labels. Every product has a “made in” or “distributed by” label. If we want to change our world we need to support the communities we believe in. There are people in our neighborhoods, in our communities who have the skills and connections we need to satisfy our daily wants and needs. Find these people, support them. Give them your business and they will reciprocate. It doesn’t matter if you’re African-American, Latino, Native-American, Asian-American or any other american. When we do business in our community our community grows. That’s how we change our world.

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