All the Time in the World.

Back in the mid 2000’s I discovered how to manipulate time. I was coming out of an abusive marriage. My youngest had gone off to college. I realized that she most likely wasn’t going to be living at home any more. So, I decided to embark on an experiment. All my friends in Denver were accustomed to me being with “She who will not be named” which made it hard to start anew. The first thing I had to do was divest my image of that other person. I had a couple of friends in NM and they weren’t that accustomed to me being with the other so I felt pretty confident I could have a fresh start. One of the things my divested partner was consumed with was more and bigger. I decided to go a different direction and see how little I could actually live on. So I packed almost everything I owned into a storage unit and took off to New Mexico. The hardest thing for me to get rid of was my hot tub, so I brought it along.

My first residence was a small adobe on a farm near San Juan Pueblo. It was a beautiful place but my landlord had it in her mind that I would become her farm manager. Tending to animals and crops are not one of my better skills so my time there was limited. My next two houses were small adobes. One was in Villanueva where the closest sports bar was 30 minutes away and where people were dumbfounded that anyone would want to watch hockey. The next was in Albuquerque’s south valley. The cockroaches drove me out of there. Fortunately I had made friends with a guy who let me park an RV in his junk yard for $10 a month. I was there for three months in the summer of 2009. That was as small as I could go.

What I learned those three months in the junkyard is that after a 150 square foot RV an efficiency apartment is like a castle. But more importantly, I learned that the less I have to take care of the more time I have to do what I want. In effect I learned how to manipulate time. Couple a spartan existence with F*ck You Money and I had the time and resources to follow my dreams. My true friends, those who liked to spend time with me regardless of what I owned, are still my friends.