Supporting Local Business

Supporting local business means not giving our hard earned cash to the one percent. To do that we need to know who the one percent are and what companies they own. Today we focus on Monsanto. Hugh Grant is CEO of Monsanto. According to Forbes his total annual compensation is $26 million and five year cumulative compensation is over $157 million. Here are the products Monsanto makes. If you want to keep your cash out of Hugh Grant’s pockets, don’t buy these products.

Next on our list is Warren Buffet. Forbes puts his net worth at $66.4 billion. Here are the companies he either owns outright or is invested in through his investment company Berkshire Hathaway.


But we also need to become aware of alternatives for those products. I found this video on my Facebook feed. It’s about a guy out in Lone Pine California who makes guitars. He’s not an alternative for Warren’s or Monsanto’s products but if you could use a guitar you might look up David Lorah. Just a thought.

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